CDI is a boutique consultancy, providing the education, experience and services you require to determine and achieve your goals.  Whether you are just starting to think about building a real estate portfolio, are a tenant and hope to one day buy property, or you are a developer with numerous sites, we can help.

INVESTORS - Most people who call themselves investors are those who've bought property but haven't realized the 4 times that property should benefit them: at the purchase, in monthly cashflow, in equity to build their portfolio, and when selling utilizing 1031 exchanges to mitigate tax consequences.  Whether this is your first investment venture or you've a failing portfolio to dispose of, CDI proves to be a valuable member of your team.

TENANTS - We care about you and your financial future!  Many tenants reposition with us as their life circumstances changes, we help others correct their credit and improve their scores so they can become property owners.

BUYERS/SELLERS - CDI is a full-service realty.  We'll help you stage property, manage it for you when you're out of town, find tenants, buy or sell and take you through a successful closing.

DEVELOPERS - Our experienced civil engineers and site planners are specialists in retrofit, in-fill projects, due diligence, governmental permitting, design and project management through construction observation on all size projects.  Our established project team may include professionals including architects, landscape architects, surveyors, traffic or environmental engineers, depending on what's needed.
Cashflow is king!
Charlotte's forte' is coaching investors in investment portfolio growth.  Available not just for sales advice, but on a monthly basis to coach and analyze operations or for property management assistance.

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